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Sewage Cleanup in Richmond, VA

Minimize the damage in your home and eliminate health risks if you've had sewer overflow problems. At Michael & Son, we understand that any sewage damage poses serious health hazards. Because we are a skilled team of licensed plumbers and restoration experts, we are able to provide thorough, fast, and efficient sewage cleanup in Richmond, VA. Doing so prevents health hazards that can lead to:

Hepatitis & Dermatitis
Weil's Disease
Legionnaires Disease
Allergic Alveolitis
Asthma & Respirator Problems
Kidneys & Liver Damage
Blood Infections
Infection of Skin or Eyes
Sewage Cleanup Virginia Beach

Sewage Damage Cleanup Experts

Using advanced equipment, proven methods, and the proper safety precautions, we make sure your place is clean and fresh again. In fact, your family and guests will not even know you had sewer damage. Let our family serve your family and restore your home to a safe environment. We also provide emergency response and friendly customer service.

Backup sewage contains dangerous amounts of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. We specialize in comprehensive sewage mitigation services that include:
Extraction & Disposal
Absolute Decontamination
Complete Sanitizing
Dry-Out Services

Types of Water Damage Categories

There are three different types of water damage categories. Category 1 is clean water, Category 2 contains significant contamination (e.g., washing machines, toilet bowl overflows, broken aquariums), and Category 3 is grossly contaminated (e.g., urine, feces, flooding from sea water and rivers, etc.). When sewage invades any space, it requires immediate extraction and sanitization.

Category 1
Our team treats Category 1 as a fresh water cleanup. However, if water is allowed to stand for too long, then the contamination becomes grey water (Category 2).

Category 2
Grey water spills come from a toilet, sink, dishwasher, or water bed. It is unsanitary. If grey water is not cleaned in a timely matter, it will become Category 3 contamination.

Category 3
These are referred to as black water spills that contain urine, feces, viruses, and other organic matter. All sewage-saturated building materials are removed, and the area is cleaned, sanitized, and dried. At our company, we take all health and safety precautions for our customers and employees.

Emergency Backup Sewage Cleanup Services

You should never let wastewater sit—no matter what type of water category it is. As soon as you notice sewage overflow at your home or business, contact us. One of our customer service reps is on-call 24 hours a day to dispatch a technician to your place right away.
Contact us for emergency services if a sewage pipe has broken at your home or business. We serve residential and commercial customers in Richmond, Chester, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and Chesterfield, Virginia.

Call Richmond Restoration Today at (804) 554-3431